Since 2010, Forza has aided local entrepreneurs by connecting them with the intellectual and fiscal capital to support their business needs.


Our Mission


Alabama contains some of the poorest counties in the entire nation. These counties struggle with poverty, unemployment, inadequate health care, and underperforming school systems. This infrastructure discourages big businesses from investing in the region.

Despite economic hardships, nearly all Alabama counties thrive on a network of strong, faith-based communities, comprised of individuals with sincere and unwavering dedication to their community’s betterment. These individual often choose to support themselves and their local economies through small businesses. As a result, small businesses flourish all across the state. These individuals’ practices have precedent. And history has proven microfinance to be beneficial.

Forza Financial’s research shows that regions in rural Alabama resemble regions with a history of microfinancial success. We are a non-profit organization seeking to empower Alabama’s underappreciated business and community leaders. Our goal is to support micro-entrepreneurs, provide them access to capital, credit building, and incubatory development. We seek to acknowledge and reward them for what they are: the heart of our communities.

Our journey is far from over. As more prospective borrowers provide data and more University affiliates get involved, our research and its rewards will continue to grow.

Forza’s mission is simple: to meet the needs of entrepreneurs. We provide empowering educational opportunities and capital at affordable rates to assist entrepreneurs throughout the business process. Academia, affordable capital, and entrepreneurial talent combine to form strong businesses; strong businesses create strong leaders, and strong leaders produce strong communities.

Building a better Alabama, one idea at a time.

Farm Day 2018 - A group of Forza Employees get to see where our funds are going as we visit a local entrepreneur’s organic farm

What We've Achieved

  • Provided monetary support for a local organic farmer to expand operations and break further into the healthy food segment of the region.

  • Host an annual high school business plan competition to educate the youth of our community on entrepreneurship.

  • Guide and develop business plans through our strategic consulting services.

  • Awarded the 2018 "Most Outstanding Professional Organization" of all the student organizations at The University of Alabama.

  • Partnered with Junior Enterprise USA, which is the American branch of the Junior Enterprise Movement - The largest student-run entrepreneurial movement in the world.