Jon Hanley, CEO

Jon is a Senior at the University of Alabama majoring in Marketing and History. He joined Forza in 2016 and is most proud of successfully organizing the Forza Financial High School Business Plan Competition in the spring of 2017. Jon plans to work in marketing analytics for Nielsen after graduation.

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Lucy Thomas, CMO

Lucy Thomas is a current junior at the University of Alabama jointly pursuing a BS in Finance, Economics, & Math, and a MS in Finance through the Accelerated Master's Program. As the Chief Marketing Officer of Forza, Lucy coordinates marketing efforts for Forza Financial itself, as well as working with Forza's clients to meet their needs.


Reese Butler, COO

Reese Butler is a junior majoring in Electrical Engineering and Math Statistics from Paducah, Kentucky. As Chief Operations Officer, Reese manages intracompany communication, organizes the intern hiring process, and interfaces with members of the Tuscaloosa professional community.

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John Daniel, CIO

John Daniel is a junior majoring in Civil Engineering and is looking to pursue his Master’s in Finance. As the Chief Strategy Officer for Forza, John Daniel heads our highly dynamic consulting department. Under John Daniel's leadership, the Strategy Department provides free business consulting for entrepreneurs and small businesses in Tuscaloosa and the surrounding area. We focus on helping with business plan and overall go-to-market strategy.

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Erin Jacobs, CFO

Erin Jacobs is a current sophomore at the University of Alabama majoring in Management Information Systems and Accounting, originally from Arlington, Texas. Erin serves as the Chief Financial Officer of Forza Financial, where she is responsible for maintaining Forza's nationally recognized 501(c)(3), non-profit status and its corresponding tax records. In addition, Erin is in charge of underwriting our clients' loans and developing capital campaign initiatives in order to raise funds.

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Ilham Ali, CIO

Ilham is a senior at the University of Alabama majoring in Environmental Engineering. As the Chief Investments Officer of Forza Financial, Ilham aims to strengthen Forza’s ties with the community through various outreach efforts. The investments team primarily focuses on networking with potential clients and pitching Forza to potential donors. They also attend various community meetings and events, and organize and regularly update Forza’s client database.

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Matt cutler, CTO

Matt is a senior at the University of Alabama majoring in Management Information Systems and Marketing. As the Chief Technology Officer of Forza Financial, Matt aims to improve the accessibility of Forza’s website to clients and address technological issues that arise efforts to advance Forza’s website. In addition, the Technology team handles the creation and modification of websites for Forza’s clients to meet their needs.